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Ruby page

Hey, I like what you're doing with the ruby page, but there's somethin I saw you asking which you definitely need an answer to -

We're trying to make all programming language pages condensed fast-track learning pages. For example, check out the Perl page or the Python page.

What I see mostly on the ruby page is links to other resources. Believe it or not, when this is the entire page, this hurts our SEO.

Please add programmatic examples for concepts demonstrated in the other programming languages, google won't notice that update you made for about 2 days, if we're lucky they won't notice any lack of programmatic material when the crawler hits it at all.

Thanks for your contribution :)

EDIT: Sorry man, I had to move the page. There wasn't any internal resource on the page at all. It's currently here : User:Postmodern/Ruby. We'll talk about implementing those as external references/links later... Main body parts of articles should always exclusively link to our own content. Hatter 19:23, 12 August 2012 (MSK)

hey there

this content needs to be there, can you try to find some way to work it back in and reword it instead of just removing it? thx Mike (Talk) 03:36, 13 August 2012 (MSK)

Do it up then and we'll see how it is. It sounds fine to gemify it but in the future can you just not remove content without talking to the creator first to not step on toes? You're doing really great work other than the one thing, and we don't exactly have flashing rainbow blinkies saying what our rules are everywhere. Mike (Talk) 00:56, 14 August 2012 (MSK)


is this a typo? Ruby#Pry "Pry is a Ruby gem that provides an alterative to IRB (Interactive Ruby Console)" Should it be IRC? Mike (Talk) 06:17, 20 September 2012 (MSK)