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NetSec:General disclaimer

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c3el4.png The staff and contributors here have differing opinions on various topics and no one member's opinion should be used to reflect the opinion of the entire staff here unless a formal announcement is made.

  • All content within NetSec is for educational purposes only, and comes with no warranty or guarantee.
  • NetSec and related contributors will not be held liable for a third party's use (or misuse) of this information in any way.
  • Readers, end-users, and downloaders of content are responsible for their own actions.
  • Readers, end-users, and downloaders of content agree not to use content provided for illegal actions.
  • Content both here and on the IRC is provided as an educational resource only.
  • NetSec reserves the right to revoke access used to visit or interact with its network or users for any reason at any point without notice, banning by username, email address, IP address, user-agent, or any other means necessary within the extent of the law.
  • This disclaimer is subject to change without notice at any time for any reason.