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normal stuff

  • Look for use of {{cleanup}} and {{wrongPerson}}, reformat and re-arrange sentences as appropriate
  • Look through pages that are horribly formatted or grammatically terrible, mark them with {{cleanup}} and {{wrongPerson}}.
  • Articles need lots of cross-linking to their different subsections from other articles with the right keywords in the right phrases where it is contextually accurate. If you get familiar with the content base enough to spy opportunities for this, please go for it - a suggestion would be to get a table of contents of all of the larger pages - and start from there.
  • Some articles may be hard to understand due to terrible wording. Somehow mark these.
  • Fix articles with too many templates, e.g. ascii shellcode


A couple of our tools pages also have TMT (e.g. Jynx Rootkit). You can find our tools pages by looking for occurances of {{inHouse}} or {{InHouse}}. Hatter 14:33, 18 May 2012 (MSK)


Hi, i was using it as a base template for a complete rework.

Yeah Ok i see your point and i have just been working with the one that is there, just thought id explain why i was doing it was all.

Seduction is a valid social engineering technique as it uses the same types of exploits in human emotion as any other, seduction has a long history as part of con games and con artistry is where social engineering comes from, if you don't consider seduction as hacking then you don't consider SE as hacking and there is just no point in having the article at all.


I (carelessly) removed USqlite because it's not part of the stdlib nor is a Gem. Plus, most Rubyists use Sequel, which provides a similar API and supports SQLite3, MySQL, Postgres, etc. We should either move scripts like USqlite into a BHA scripts repository, or publish it as a Gem to Thoughts?