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These ideas and their details could use some help. If you have something to suggest, tack it on with your signature so we can talk about it in more detail. You're also welcome to tack on some new contest ideas if you have them. Make a new section and fill in some details.

King of Hill

Rooting competition. Hatter has more technical details to provide.

  • Prizes will be awarded to top three contestants.
  • Games span the course of 1 week(end?)
  • scored based on the length of time you can maintain root access.

Wiki Comp.

Wiki contribution competition.

  • Articles need to be submitted to [email protected]
  • Articles need to be written on a subpage of your talk page, and that link sent to the address above.
  • Articles will be scored based on
    • Quality
      • Does it include examples?
      • Is it up to date at the time of submission?
      • Are any external sources cited properly?
      • Is the page well structured?
    • Quantity
      • Scored will be kept track of on a per-username basis
      • Each article will accumulate X amount of points for the user, which will be appended to their existing score.
      • This means that people who write a few high quality articles will surpass those who write article stubs.

Prizes & Prize ideas

All prize ideas are simply that, ideas. We reserve the right to change the prizes at any given time, for any reason. These are not guaranteed to be the prizes for any particular competition.

King of Hill

  • Grand Prize - HP 2000-369WM Notebook PC with Chimera Pro
    • Note: I received this laptop as a gift for the competition, nearly new. --Mutiny 03:41, 11 August 2012 (MSK)
  • Second Place - BHA T-shirt w/ personalized handle, BHA sticker pack, Yubico Yubikey
  • Third Place - BHA T-shirt, BHA Sticker pack

Wiki Comp.

  • Grand Prize - I'm going to look in to obtaining a tablet for this grand prize --Mutiny 03:44, 11 August 2012 (MSK)
  • Second Place - BHA T-Shirt w/ Personalized handle, BHA Sticker Pack
  • Third Place - BHA T-shirt, BHA Sticker Pack
  • Runner-up prizes - High scores page will link to your User page, where you should list your notable contributions to the wiki, and can include more information about yourself (including twitter, external website links, and anything else within reasonable legal limits.)