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Who am I?

I'm Mutiny, and I assist hatter in all the random things that need to be done to keep BHA going. I don't know of anything specific that I really do, other than handle the mailing list, a couple domains, and other PR stuff. I also handle the store (coming soon) and the donations. There are probably some other random tidbits about me, but if you need anything, you can find me in IRC almost all the time, just /query mutiny and ask away.

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Areas of Interest


When I was 11, I repeatedly committed criminal acts of a malicious nature. I possess a superior intelligence which I used to a destructive and anti-social end. My computer virus crashed one thousand, five hundred and seven systems, including Wall Street trading systems, single-handedly causing a seven point drop in the New York stock market. Because of this, my family was fined $45 thousand dollars, and I was sentenced to probation, under which I was forbidden to own or operate a computer or touch tone telephone until the day of my 18th birthday.

After turning 18 and moving to New York City with my mother, which she informed me was the "city that never sleeps," I began using my computer again. I remember one fateful evening when I called a security guard named Norman at a television company and convinced him that I worked for the company and needed access to "a little boxy thing with switches on it." He believed me and read the modem's phone number off to me. Just like that, I was in the television network, and decided to watch The Outer Limits.

Shortly thereafter, a fellow hacker decided they didn't like what I was doing, and started a turf war with me. Little did I know, this hacker was about to play a big part in my life. After a brief pissing match, my connection was terminated, and I went to sleep.

Early the next morning, my mother busted my balls a bit about hooking the computer up to the phone again, and then I was on my way to school. At school, I got fooled into thinking there was a pool on the roof, and locked myself up there with a bunch of other dweebs. Oops. The girl that led me to believe this blatant lie had to pay. Good thing she didn't know I was a super hacker. I switched myself into her English class, because that's what hackers did back in the day. Then, when I got home, I decided to set a sprinkler drill for the next morning. I didn't get much sleep since I had to stay up after the hack and think of a clever tag line, but man was it worth it to see the look on her face. When I told her "The pool on the roof must have a leak," she was clearly furious and stormed off to probably cry and eat ice cream out of a tub.