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Hey, D1551D3N7

BEFORE You start editing, please give this a once-over.

If you need any help with wiki markup, or don't have any experience check out Wikipedia's editing guide. You can also check out our Test page (Please do not edit existing things on the test page, use its talk page for testing).

Its quite alright to write some incredibly raw material and then tag it with {{cleanup}} to signal that an editor needs to assist you.

A good idea is to start on talk pages or your user page. This can get you familiarized with the markup without being detrimental to content.

Be sure to sign with four tildes (~~~~) when you use a talk page, and to put new comments at the bottom.

If you don't feel comfortable editing an article, or it has been protected as a high-traffic page you can use the {{edit request}} template along with a brief summary for administrative help.

Please also read over our editing policy and rules, and if you still have questions feel free to ask an active sysop

Thank you in advance for your contribution.

Wiki channel

You're unbanned from there. Not sure if I was the one who banned you or not, we just dont like people in there unless they actually work on the wiki. You do, so I've cleared the bans out. Come on into #bha-wiki


Hey man, the glossary is starting to rock pretty hard, I think I'm going to create a glossary category sometime soon, and then you can put that in there, and start categorizing the pages; something pretty cool would be is if we got some short definitions for the pages we have larger articles on and put them in your glossary table as well. I'll start the process of having the editors get that hooked up soon. Good work! :)

Hatter 12:39, 25 August 2012 (MSK)