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User:Hatter/Windows Shellcode

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Basic Code Concepts

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Self-linking shellcode refers to machine code's ability to use what functions are already present in memory as opposed to carrying all of its functionality within itself. From a general perspective, a linker is comprised of two parts. One part of the linker must be able to isolate the base pointer of any given library loaded into memory, and the other part of the linker must be able to parse the library and return the memory address/pointer for the start of any given function.

This is called self-linking shellcode or self-linking machine code because it does not rely on being linked with any kernel, in stead it finds the functionality it needs within the run-time environment and calls already existing functions out of memory. This will save the programmer time and size, and potentially even allow the programmer to write a cross-OS machine code application that is fully capable of using pre-built-in functionality of the operating system by linking itself in stead of relying on an external linker to both link and format the binary properly.

Finding Libraries and Modules

            pushad                          ; preserve all registers
            xor     ecx, ecx                    
            mov     esi, [fs:ecx + 0x30]      
            mov     esi, [esi + 0x0C]          
            mov     esi, [esi + 0x1C]

            mov     ebx, [esi + 0x08]          
            mov     edx, [esi + 0x20]          
            mov     esi, [esi]                  
            cmp     [edx + 12 * 2], cx            
            jne     short next_module  
            mov     [esp + 0x1c], ebx

Isolating Functions

            mov     ebp, [esp + 0x24]              
            mov     eax, [ebp + 0x3c]              
            mov     edx, [ebp + eax + 0x78]                                        
            add     edx, ebp                       
            mov     ecx, [edx + 0x18]                                              
            mov     ebx, [edx + 0x20]              
            add     ebx, ebp

            jecxz   find_function_finished                                         
            dec     ecx                            
            mov     esi, [ebx + ecx * 4]   
            add     esi, ebp

            xor     edi, edi                       
            xor     eax, eax                       
            test    al, al                 
            jz      compute_hash_finished  
            ror     edi, 0xd                       
            add     edi, eax                       
            jmp     compute_hash_again             
            cmp     edi, [esp + 0x28]              
            jnz     find_function_loop                                                     
            mov     ebx, [edx + 36]                
            add     ebx, ebp
            mov     cx, [ebx + 2 * ecx]          
            mov     ebx, [edx + 28]                
            add     ebx, ebp
            mov     eax, [ebx + 4 * ecx]   
            add     eax, ebp
            mov     [esp + 0x1c], eax                                                      


Some Simple Shellcodes