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SQL injection/Basics/Injection Points

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SQL injection > Basics > Injection Points

An SQL injection vulnerability's type is determined by the location of the user input. $input is used as an example input variable in the queries below to illustrate their classifications.

  • SELECT ... WHERE clause injection
$query = "select * from table where id=$input";
  • SELECT ... LIMIT, OFFSET, ORDER BY, and GROUP BY clause injections
$query = "select * from table limit $input";
$query = "select * from table limit 1 offset $input";
$query = "select * from table order by $input";
$query = "select * from table group by $input";
  • UPDATE ... SET clause injection
$query = "update table set var=$input";
  • UPDATE ... WHERE clause injection
$query = "update table set var=value where column_name='$input'";
  • INSERT ... VALUES clause injection
$query = "insert into table values(null,$input)";