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DDoS Attacks/takedowns

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c3el4.png Each takedown page is named after its respective botnet maintainer. By attacking our network, they have agreed to forfeit our privacy policy.

Its rare that the staff of the network here will take down a botnet. No one here randomly hunts for malware and does analysis on it, there are people who get paid for that. Instead, here, we've documented a list of subjects who have attacked this network (or the author of their takedown page directly) in combination with the techniques they use to propagate their botnets. In some cases, you may find active-response scripts triggered by tcpdump, in others, you may find entire botnet IP address listings and their associated spread mechanism.

Current Takedowns in Progress

There are no denial-of-service attacks taking place against our network at this time.

Most Recent Takedown

Past Takedowns