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Compiled languages

assemblylinux assemblyCC++

Software Exploitation

Stack overflowsshellcode loadersnull-free shellcode • 32-bit ascii shellcode • 64-bit alphanumeric shellcodeunsafe string replacementSelf-modifying shellcodedynamic shellcodesocket reuse

Interpreted languages

PerlPythonPHPRubyLUAThe bash bookSQL OrientationExamples of polymorphism

Web Exploitation

SQL injectionXSSCookiesFile inclusionCommand injectionCSRFXSRFXSCFColdfusion hackingSQL Backdoors

(The Index) (Contribute)

Vanguard web application vulnerability testing engine written in perl with LibWhisker2 support Jynx2 Version 2.0 of the classic LD_Preload userland rootkit written in C
Bleeding Life PHP and MySQL based browser buffer overflow exploit pack Kolkata Configurable perl scanner that analyzes checksums to perform fingerprinting on web applications with static file analysis
GScrape Google scraper written in perl for rapidly identifying vulnerable websites and generating statistics Given a file inclusion vulnerability, this Perl script will spawn a shell
Mysql5 enumerator Automatically map contents or query a remote database given a URL vulnerable to SQL injection with this perl script Social Network Redirection Utility Rickroll your friends with content-forged image redirects