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<tab class=wikitable sep=comma head=top> Protocol, Description, RFC TCP/IP, The Transfer Control Protocol/Internet Protocol is what all internetworking is based on, RFC 793 DHCP, The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol is used to assign IP addresses to machines on a network, RFC 2131 UDP, The User Datagram Protocol is used to transfer data without connections, RFC 768 HTTP, Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol runs off of port 80 and is used to support web pages, RFC 2616 HTTPS, Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol over TLS is an encrypted version of the HTTP protocol which bases its encryption on SSL Certificates and runs on port 443, RFC 2818 SMTP, The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is used to send email and runs on port 25. No password is required to send an email over SMTP, RFC 2821 POP3, The Post Office Protocol version 3 is used to authenticate and receive email and runs on port 110, RFC 1939 DNS, The Dynamic Names Service is used to store associations of Dynamic Names (e.g. .com names) and IP addresses. This service runs on port 53, RFC FTP, The File Transfer Control protocol is used to transfer files. This service runs on port 21, RFC 959 ARP, The Address Resolution Protocol is used to associate hardware addresses (MAC addresses) with IP addresses in a local subnet, RFC 826 SSH, The Secure Shell protocol is used to control a UNIX or Linux based machine remotely over DES encryption. The service runs on port 22. Resources NetBIOS, The NetBIOS protocol is used by Windows to access shares and transfer files as well as remote administration. The service runs on port 139 over TCP and 445 over UDP. RFC SIP, Session Initiation Protocol is used to initiate sessions and may run for a variety of services on a variety of ports. RFC VOIP, The Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol is used for telecommunications and may use a variety of ports. Resources TFTP, Trivial File Transfer Protocol has changed a lot throughout the years. It is used as a very simple and minimized version of FTP. Wiki ICMP, Internet Control Message Protocol has a variety of functionality. RFC IGMP, Internet Group Management Protocol is used for group membership reporting. Resources </tab>