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Bleeding Life

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Bleeding Life 2 is an exploit pack that affects the web browsers on the Microsoft Windows operating system with remote code execution buffer overflows. Special thanks to Teknical for his contributions to this article.


RPU0j.png By obtaining this software, you are solely responsible for its use and for the consequences that may occur as a result of the use of the software. This software is intended solely for the purposes of vulnerability and penetration testing in a lab environment or on a private computer network that you own. This software is not intended to be placed on a public network (i.e The Internet). This software is not intended to be used maliciously in any way. Use of this software for malicious purposes could lead to you being held criminally liable for any damages caused. You agree to indemnify, hold harmless, and otherwise not sue or hold liable, the authors, or anyone else associated with this software against all claims, damages, legal fees, costs, or other payments. Not for use by cybercriminals.

Download HERE


Bleeding Life 2 has a variety of exploits and statistics features.





  • Statistics by Exploit
  • Statistics by Browser
  • Statistics by OS Version

Server Requirements

  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • HTTPD (apache, lighttpd, nginx, etc)

Installation & Configuration

c3el4.png Before running Bleeding Life 2's installer, you must first fill out config.php, which has been thoroughly commented for your ease of use.

The installer is located at $DOCUMENT_ROOT/install. Installation is incredibly easy.


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