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This is the brainstorming page for bhl2. First, lets go over a few things.

Release process

Any time someone writes an article, they should prove the concept locally before starting the article's first sentence. Once this is complete, they can basically paste the proof of concept, and its example. After that, break the example up into small parts and document each section - then have someone do grammar edits. Once grammar edits are done, have someone who speaks english as a foreign language attempt to read the article. If they can understand it, proceed to link all of the necessary subsections and cross links for the article, categorize it and add its social bar.

Todo list

c3el4.png If you dont know already, when i say meta linking, im referring to linking from a subsection of a page to relevant subsections of other pages, and from those relevant subsections back to the original subsection.

  1. We must define a standard table of contents format for language references for meta linking between the programming category page to be and the programming language subsections.
  2. Bitwise math operators must be part of the programming language standard. This should also be meta linked to each programming section and language.
  3. Identify and isolate different programming languages not adhering to standard or unable to be metalinked and what they need to get there
  4. Assembly category - finish syscall tables and set appendix up for Linux assembly, document more instructions and clean up the asm page in general
  5. machine language category - put all assembly pages and all shellcode pages in here
  6. interpreted languages category - make sure LUA, php, ruby, perl, python, and sql make it here at the least.
  7. compiled languages category - just place C and C++ there for now.
  1. Anonymous_function_calls formatting and content.
  2. Common_language_specific_pitfalls formatting and content.
  3. Delete_after_length_check formatting and content.
  4. Delete_after_reformat formatting and content.
  5. Improper_signedness formatting and content.
  6. Improper_type_handling formatting and content.
  7. Mass_assignment formatting and content. (don't we already have an article on this? merge?)
  8. Unsafe_command_processing formatting and content.
  9. Unsafe_evaluation formatting and content.
  10. Unsafe_file_IO formatting and content.
  11. Unsafe_string_comparison almost done, needs grammar check.
  12. Unsafe_string_replacement grammar.
  13. Unsafe_substring_indexing grammar, formatting.
  14. Unsanitized_input_split content and formatting.
  1. Shellcode/Loaders is finalized save for categorization and release
  2. Shellcode/Environment needs lots of work.
  3. Shellcode/Null-free needs updates and fixup, then grammar check and cross linking
  4. Shellcode/Self-modifying needs grammar and cross linking
  5. Shellcode/Alphanumeric Still needs updates before final grammar check or cross linking
  6. Shellcode/Socket-reuse needs review, grammar check, cross linking
  7. Shellcode/Parsing needs major overhaul, then grammar check, then cross linking
  8. Shellcode/Dynamic needs grammar check then cross linking
  9. shellcode needs: grammar check, slight re-wording/reorganization/rewrite. afterwards, final grammar check, then cross linking
  10. finalize shellcodecs
  11. categorize the above pages


  • Administration updates - tons of articles in this category are in the requested maintenance area.
  • Countermeasures updates - tons of articles in this category are in the requested maintenance area.