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Linux assembly

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32 bit syscall table

Protip: Set the %eax register value to the appropriate integer to invoke the function when invoking int $0x80 or \xcd\x80.
1:sys_exit:(int error_code);
2:sys_fork:int sys_fork(struct pt_regs *);
3:sys_read:(unsigned int fd, char __user *buf, size_t count);
4:sys_write:(unsigned int fd, const char __user *buf,
5:sys_open:(const char __user *filename,
6:sys_close:(unsigned int fd);
8:sys_creat:(const char __user *pathname, int mode);
9:sys_link:(const char __user *oldname,
10:sys_unlink:(const char __user *pathname);
11:sys_execve:long sys_execve(const char __user *,
12:sys_chdir:(const char __user *filename)
13:sys_time:(time_t __user *tloc);
14:sys_mknod:(const char __user *filename, int mode,
15:sys_chmod:(const char __user *filename, mode_t mode);
16:sys_lchown16:(const char __user *filename,
19:sys_lseek:(unsigned int fd, off_t offset,
21:sys_mount:(char __user *dev_name, char __user *dir_name,
22:sys_oldumount:(char __user *name)
23:sys_setuid16:(old_uid_t uid);
25:sys_stime:(time_t __user *tptr);
26:sys_ptrace:(long request, long pid, unsigned long addr,
27:sys_alarm:(unsigned int seconds);
30:sys_utime:(char __user *filename,
33:sys_access:(const char __user *filename, int mode);
34:sys_nice:(int increment);
37:sys_kill:(int pid, int sig);
38:sys_rename:(const char __user *oldname,
39:sys_mkdir:(const char __user *pathname, int mode);
40:sys_rmdir:(const char __user *pathname);
41:sys_dup:(unsigned int fildes);
42:sys_pipe:int sys_fork(struct pt_regs *);
43:sys_times:(struct tms __user *tbuf);
45:sys_brk:(unsigned long brk);
46:sys_setgid16:(old_gid_t gid);
48:sys_signal:(int sig, __sighandler_t handler);
51:sys_acct:(const char __user *name);
52:sys_umount:(char __user *name, int flags)
54:sys_ioctl:(unsigned int fd, unsigned int cmd,
55:sys_fcntl:(unsigned int fd, unsigned int cmd, unsigned long arg);
57:sys_setpgid:(pid_t pid, pid_t pgid);
60:sys_umask:(int mask);
61:sys_chroot:(const char __user *filename);
62:sys_ustat:(unsigned dev, struct ustat __user *ubuf)
63:sys_dup2:int sys_fork(struct pt_regs *);
67:sys_sigaction:asmlinkage int sys_sigaction(int, const struct old_sigaction __user *,
70:sys_setreuid16:(old_uid_t ruid, old_uid_t euid);
71:sys_setregid16:(old_gid_t rgid, old_gid_t egid);
72:sys_sigsuspend:asmlinkage int sys_sigsuspend(int, int, old_sigset_t);
73:sys_sigpending:(old_sigset_t __user *set);
74:sys_sethostname:(char __user *name, int len);
75:sys_setrlimit:(unsigned int resource,
76:sys_old_getrlimit:(unsigned int resource, struct rlimit __user *rlim);
77:sys_getrusage:(int who, struct rusage __user *ru);
78:sys_gettimeofday:(struct timeval __user *tv,
79:sys_settimeofday:(struct timeval __user *tv,
80:sys_getgroups16:(int gidsetsize, old_gid_t __user *grouplist);
81:sys_setgroups16:(int gidsetsize, old_gid_t __user *grouplist);
83:sys_symlink:(const char __user *old, const char __user *new);
85:sys_readlink:(const char __user *path,
86:sys_uselib:(const char __user *library);
87:sys_swapon:(const char __user *specialfile, int swap_flags);
88:sys_reboot:(int magic1, int magic2, unsigned int cmd,
90:sys_old_mmap:(struct mmap_arg_struct __user *arg);
91:sys_munmap:(unsigned long addr, size_t len);
92:sys_truncate:(const char __user *path, loff_t length);
93:sys_ftruncate:(unsigned int fd, unsigned long length);
94:sys_fchmod:(unsigned int fd, mode_t mode);
95:sys_fchown16:(unsigned int fd, old_uid_t user, old_gid_t group);
96:sys_getpriority:(int which, int who);
97:sys_setpriority:(int which, int who, int niceval);
99:sys_statfs:(const char __user * path,
100:sys_fstatfs:(unsigned int fd, struct statfs __user *buf);
102:sys_socketcall:(int call, unsigned long __user *args)
103:sys_syslog:(int type, char __user *buf, int len);
104:sys_setitimer:(int which,
105:sys_getitimer:(int which, struct itimerval __user *value);
106:sys_newstat:(const char __user *filename,
107:sys_newlstat:(const char __user *filename,
108:sys_newfstat:(unsigned int fd, struct stat __user *statbuf);
110:sys_lookup_dcookie:(u64 cookie64, char __user *buf, size_t len);
114:sys_wait4:(pid_t pid, int __user *stat_addr,
115:sys_swapoff:(const char __user *specialfile);
116:sys_sysinfo:(struct sysinfo __user *info);
118:sys_fsync:(unsigned int fd);
119:sys_sigreturn:unsigned long sys_sigreturn(struct pt_regs *);
120:sys_clone:long sys_clone(unsigned long, unsigned long, void __user *,
121:sys_setdomainname:(char __user *name, int len);
122:sys_newuname:(struct new_utsname __user *name)
124:sys_adjtimex:(struct timex __user *txc_p);
125:sys_mprotect:(unsigned long start, size_t len,
126:sys_sigprocmask:(int how, old_sigset_t __user *set,
128:sys_init_module:(void __user *umod, unsigned long len,
129:sys_delete_module:(const char __user *name_user,
131:sys_quotactl:(unsigned int cmd, const char __user *special,
132:sys_getpgid:(pid_t pid)
133:sys_fchdir:(unsigned int fd);
134:sys_bdflush:(int func, long data);
135:sys_sysfs:(int option,
136:sys_personality:(unsigned int personality);
138:sys_setfsuid16:(old_uid_t uid);
139:sys_setfsgid16:(old_gid_t gid);
140:sys_llseek:(unsigned int fd, unsigned long offset_high,
141:sys_getdents:(unsigned int fd,
143:sys_flock:(unsigned int fd, unsigned int cmd);
144:sys_msync:(unsigned long start, size_t len, int flags);
145:sys_readv:(unsigned long fd,
146:sys_writev:(unsigned long fd,
147:sys_getsid:(pid_t pid);
148:sys_fdatasync:(unsigned int fd);
149:sys_sysctl:(struct __sysctl_args __user *args);
150:sys_mlock:(unsigned long start, size_t len);
151:sys_munlock:(unsigned long start, size_t len);
152:sys_mlockall:(int flags)
154:sys_sched_setparam:(pid_t pid,
155:sys_sched_getparam:(pid_t pid,
156:sys_sched_setscheduler:(pid_t pid, int policy,
157:sys_sched_getscheduler:(pid_t pid);
159:sys_sched_get_priority_max:(int policy);
160:sys_sched_get_priority_min:(int policy);
161:sys_sched_rr_get_interval:(pid_t pid,
162:sys_nanosleep:(struct timespec __user *rqtp, struct timespec __user *rmtp)
163:sys_mremap:(unsigned long addr,
164:sys_setresuid16:(old_uid_t ruid, old_uid_t euid, old_uid_t suid);
165:sys_getresuid16:(old_uid_t __user *ruid,
168:sys_poll:(struct pollfd __user *ufds, unsigned int nfds,
170:sys_setresgid16:(old_gid_t rgid, old_gid_t egid, old_gid_t sgid);
171:sys_getresgid16:(old_gid_t __user *rgid,
173:sys_rt_sigreturn:long sys_rt_sigreturn(struct pt_regs *);
174:sys_rt_sigaction:long sys_rt_action(int, const struct sigaction __user *, struct sigaction __user *, size_t);
175:sys_rt_sigprocmask:(int how, sigset_t __user *set,
176:sys_rt_sigpending:(sigset_t __user *set, size_t sigsetsize);
177:sys_rt_sigtimedwait:(const sigset_t __user *uthese,
178:sys_rt_sigqueueinfo:(int pid, int sig, siginfo_t __user *uinfo);
180:sys_pread64:(unsigned int fd, char __user *buf,
181:sys_pwrite64:(unsigned int fd, const char __user *buf,
183:sys_getcwd:(char __user *buf, unsigned long size);
184:sys_capget:(cap_user_header_t header,
185:sys_capset:(cap_user_header_t header,
186:sys_sigaltstack:long sys_sigaltstack(const stack_t __user *, stack_t __user *,
187:sys_sendfile:(int out_fd, int in_fd,
190:sys_vfork:int sys_vfork(struct pt_regs *regs)
191:sys_getrlimit:(unsigned int resource,
193:sys_truncate64:(const char __user *path, loff_t length);
194:sys_ftruncate64:(unsigned int fd, loff_t length);
195:sys_stat64:(const char __user *filename,
196:sys_lstat64:(const char __user *filename,
197:sys_fstat64:(unsigned long fd, struct stat64 __user *statbuf);
198:sys_lchown:(const char __user *filename,
203:sys_setreuid:(old_uid_t ruid, old_uid_t euid);
204:sys_setregid:(old_gid_t rgid, old_gid_t egid);
205:sys_getgroups:(int gidsetsize, old_gid_t __user *grouplist);
206:sys_setgroups:(int gidsetsize, old_gid_t __user *grouplist);
207:sys_fchown:(unsigned int fd, old_uid_t user, old_gid_t group);
208:sys_setresuid:(old_uid_t ruid, old_uid_t euid, old_uid_t suid);
209:sys_getresuid:(old_uid_t __user *ruid,
210:sys_setresgid:(old_gid_t rgid, old_gid_t egid, old_gid_t sgid);
211:sys_getresgid:(old_gid_t __user *rgid,
213:sys_setuid:(old_uid_t uid);
214:sys_setgid:(old_gid_t gid);
215:sys_setfsuid:(old_uid_t uid);
216:sys_setfsgid:(old_gid_t gid);
217:sys_pivot_root:(const char __user *new_root,
218:sys_mincore:(unsigned long start, size_t len,
219:sys_madvise:(unsigned long start, size_t len, int behavior);
220:sys_getdents64:(unsigned int fd,
221:sys_fcntl64:(unsigned int fd,
222:sys_readahead:(int fd, loff_t offset, size_t count)
223:sys_sendfile64:(int out_fd, int in_fd,
224:sys_setxattr:(const char __user *path, const char __user *name,
225:sys_lsetxattr:(const char __user *path, const char __user *name,
226:sys_fsetxattr:(int fd, const char __user *name,
227:sys_getxattr:(const char __user *path, const char __user *name,
228:sys_lgetxattr:(const char __user *path, const char __user *name,
229:sys_fgetxattr:(int fd, const char __user *name,
230:sys_listxattr:(const char __user *path, char __user *list,
231:sys_llistxattr:(const char __user *path, char __user *list,
232:sys_flistxattr:(int fd, char __user *list, size_t size)
233:sys_removexattr:(const char __user *path,
234:sys_lremovexattr:(const char __user *path,
235:sys_fremovexattr:(int fd, const char __user *name);
237:sys_tkill:(int pid, int sig);
238:sys_futex:(u32 __user *uaddr, int op, u32 val,
239:sys_sched_setaffinity:(pid_t pid, unsigned int len,
240:sys_sched_getaffinity:(pid_t pid, unsigned int len,
241:sys_tgkill:(int tgid, int pid, int sig);
243:sys_io_setup:(unsigned nr_reqs, aio_context_t __user *ctx);
244:sys_io_destroy:(aio_context_t ctx);
245:sys_io_getevents:(aio_context_t ctx_id,
246:sys_io_submit:(aio_context_t, long,
247:sys_io_cancel:(aio_context_t ctx_id, struct iocb __user *iocb,
248:sys_exit_group:(int error_code);
249:sys_epoll_create:(int size);
250:sys_epoll_ctl:(int epfd, int op, int fd,
251:sys_epoll_wait:(int epfd, struct epoll_event __user *events,
252:sys_set_tid_address:(int __user *tidptr)
254:sys_timer_create:(clockid_t which_clock,
255:sys_timer_settime:(timer_t timer_id, int flags,
256:sys_timer_gettime:(timer_t timer_id,
257:sys_timer_getoverrun:(timer_t timer_id);
258:sys_timer_delete:(timer_t timer_id);
259:sys_clock_settime:(clockid_t which_clock,
260:sys_clock_gettime:(clockid_t which_clock,
261:sys_clock_getres:(clockid_t which_clock,
265:sys_statfs64:(const char __user *path, size_t sz,
266:sys_fstatfs64:(unsigned int fd, size_t sz,
271:sys_mq_open:(const char __user *name, int oflag, mode_t mode, struct mq_attr __user *attr);
272:sys_mq_unlink:(const char __user *name)
273:sys_mq_timedsend:(mqd_t mqdes, const char __user *msg_ptr, size_t msg_len, unsigned int msg_prio, const struct timespec __user *abs_timeout);
274:sys_mq_timedreceive:(mqd_t mqdes, char __user *msg_ptr, size_t msg_len, unsigned int __user *msg_prio, const struct timespec __user *abs_timeout);
275:sys_mq_notify:(mqd_t mqdes, const struct sigevent __user *notification);
276:sys_mq_getsetattr:(mqd_t mqdes, const struct mq_attr __user *mqstat, struct mq_attr __user *omqstat);
277:sys_kexec_load:(unsigned long entry, unsigned long nr_segments,
278:sys_add_key:(const char __user *_type,
279:sys_request_key:(const char __user *_type,
280:sys_keyctl:(int cmd, unsigned long arg2, unsigned long arg3,
281:sys_waitid:(int which, pid_t pid,
282:sys_ioprio_set:(int which, int who, int ioprio)
283:sys_ioprio_get:(int which, int who);
285:sys_inotify_add_watch:(int fd, const char __user *path,
286:sys_inotify_rm_watch:(int fd, __s32 wd);
288:sys_openat:(int dfd, const char __user *filename, int flags,
289:sys_mkdirat:(int dfd, const char __user * pathname, int mode);
290:sys_mknodat:(int dfd, const char __user * filename, int mode,
291:sys_fchownat:(int dfd, const char __user *filename, uid_t user,
293:sys_fstatat64:(int dfd, const char __user *filename,
294:sys_unlinkat:(int dfd, const char __user * pathname, int flag);
295:sys_renameat:(int olddfd, const char __user * oldname,
296:sys_linkat:(int olddfd, const char __user *oldname,
297:sys_symlinkat:(const char __user * oldname,
298:sys_readlinkat:(int dfd, const char __user *path, char __user *buf,
299:sys_fchmodat:(int dfd, const char __user * filename,
300:sys_faccessat:(int dfd, const char __user *filename, int mode);
301:sys_pselect6:(int, fd_set __user *, fd_set __user *,
303:sys_unshare:(unsigned long unshare_flags);
304:sys_set_robust_list:(struct robust_list_head __user *head,
305:sys_get_robust_list:(int pid,
306:sys_splice:(int fd_in, loff_t __user *off_in,
307:sys_sync_file_range:(int fd, loff_t offset, loff_t nbytes,
308:sys_tee:(int fdin, int fdout, size_t len, unsigned int flags);
309:sys_vmsplice:(int fd, const struct iovec __user *iov,
311:sys_getcpu:(unsigned __user *cpu, unsigned __user *node, struct getcpu_cache __user *cache)
313:sys_utimes:(char __user *filename,
315:sys_utimensat:(int dfd, const char __user *filename,
316:sys_signalfd:(int ufd, sigset_t __user *user_mask, size_t sizemask);
318:sys_eventfd:(unsigned int count);
319:sys_timerfd_create:(int clockid, int flags);
320:sys_timerfd_settime:(int ufd, int flags,
321:sys_timerfd_gettime:(int ufd, struct itimerspec __user *otmr);
322:sys_signalfd4:(int ufd, sigset_t __user *user_mask, size_t sizemask, int flags)
323:sys_eventfd2:int sys_fork(struct pt_regs *);
324:sys_inotify_init1:(int flags);
325:sys_pipe2:int sys_fork(struct pt_regs *);
326:sys_dup3:(unsigned int oldfd, unsigned int newfd, int flags);
327:sys_epoll_create1:(int flags);
328:sys_preadv:(unsigned long fd, const struct iovec __user *vec,
329:sys_pwritev:(unsigned long fd, const struct iovec __user *vec,
330:sys_rt_tgsigqueueinfo:(pid_t tgid, pid_t  pid, int sig,
332:sys_fanotify_init:(unsigned int flags, unsigned int event_f_flags)
333:sys_fanotify_mark:(int fanotify_fd, unsigned int flags,
334:sys_prlimit64:(pid_t pid, unsigned int resource,
335:sys_name_to_handle_at:(int dfd, const char __user *name,
336:sys_open_by_handle_at:(int mountdirfd,
337:sys_clock_adjtime:(clockid_t which_clock,
338:sys_syncfs:(int fd);
339:sys_setns:(int fd, int nstype);
340:sys_process_vm_readv:(pid_t pid,
341:sys_process_vm_writev:(pid_t pid,