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Address Space Layout Randomization

ASLR is a runtime security measure that randomizes the memory addresses that programs load data and code into. Usually implemented at the Operating System level, this will change the location of loaded code at each boot for libraries that are nx compliant. ASLR Bypass is typically achieved by exploiting a non nx compliant library in the context of an nx compliant operating system. It is possible to disable ASLR on Linux (it's enabled by default on 2.6.* kernels) by typing:


localhost:~ $ sudo echo 0 > /proc/sys/kernel/randomize_va_space

Into your command line, note that root access is required to do this.

ASLR is implemented in Linux Kernel 2.6*, Windows XP SP3 and the more recent versions (Vista, 7, and 8).


ASLR is part of a series on countermeasures.
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